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Do you like grid systems? How about rapid prototyping? Do you believe in mobile first? Then this theme is for you! Foundation is made by ZURB. This theme implements the Foundation framework for Drupal.

Support Modules

Foundation implements a handful of plugins to facilitate fancy UIs like Orbit slideshows, Section dropdowns for navigation or tabbed content, and responsive lightbox galleries.

Foundation 5 Requirements

  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • jQuery Update running 1.10.
  • Foundation 1.0.3 gem or higher
  • Node.js & Grunt.js (for rapid theme development). You may still use app.css if you wish.

Is 5.x branch production ready? Yes!


Foundation 4 Requirements

Selecting a Zurb Foundation Version (4.x thoroughly tested)

  • 8.x-5.x: Utilizes Foundation 5 in Drupal 8. As we are nearing the point of a beta release, any testing is greatly appreciated. To track progress on Drupal 8 development, follow the 8.x-5.x Roadmap.
  • 7.x-5.x: Utilizes Foundation 5. Currently in development.
  • 7.x-4.x: Utilizes Foundation 4. Currently, the latest stable version.

Sponsorship & Support

Lots of work implementing Foundation into Drupal 7/8 branch was generously funded by Bluetent, Chris Lee Consulting, and Inclind, Inc..


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