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Do you like grid systems? How about rapid prototyping? Do you believe in mobile first? Then this theme is for you! Foundation is made by ZURB. This theme implements the Foundation framework for Drupal 7, 8, & 9!

What is it?

Zurb Foundation for Drupal is the official implementation of the framework by the same name. This theme provides the tools needed to integrate the framework to Drupal so you can begin prototyping sites rapidly.

It seems cool, I installed it, now what?

The theme provides a Gulp workflow out of the box to generate CSS from SCSS files, and you can add on from here to suit your needs.

From here, the sky is the limit for you as a themer.

Check the documentation to see how many components and elements are available to you for Foundation.

Current D8 and D9 Development

8.x-6.0-Alpha6 currently uses the legacy float grid (as do all of the published releases so far). On the dev branch, the grid has been updated to using the Foundation XY Grid. Before updating the dev version of your theme, please check the Foundation documentation on how to update, and test before pushing changes to production.

Please check the #2655142: 8.x-6.x Roadmap for more info.

Selecting a Zurb Foundation Version

  • 8.x-6.x: Uses Foundation 6 in Drupal 8/9. (Roadmap)
  • 7.x-5.x: Uses Foundation 5. Currently in development. (Roadmap)
  • 7.x-4.x: Uses Foundation 4. Currently, the latest stable version.

Support and Related Modules

Foundation implements a handful of plugins to facilitate fancy UIs like Orbit slideshows, Section dropdowns for navigation or tabbed content, and responsive lightbox galleries.

Sponsorship & Support

Lots of work implementing Foundation into Drupal 7/8 branch was generously sponsored by Bluetent, Chris Lee Consulting, Inclind, Inc., Velir, Acquia and later by kor group.

Built your site in Foundation & Drupal?

Tell us about it in the issue queue! We'd love to list new sites in Drupal 8 in either the 5.x or 6.x version to showcase what Drupal and Foundation together can do.


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