Zoey Is Zen

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This theme was created for the same reason that many sub-themes were originally created – to make our own lives easier through creating a better starting point for themes that we build. Others have asked for something like this, so we're providing it here on Drupal.org to take advantage of community contributions, issue tracking, etc.

base theme = zen

As if the title of this theme wasn't clear enough, Zoey Is Zen is proud to be built on Zen. We feel that Zen provides a solid platform to get started on and comes jam packed with lots of optional features. Like all sub-themes, to use Zoey Is Zen, you must have its base theme installed as well. For more information, check out the Zen project page directly.

base theme = zoey???

This theme is based on Zen, but this theme is not necessarily intended to be taken and used without further modifications. Once you have Zen and Zoey Is Zen, you could either modify this theme directly to make it your own or declare Zoey Is Zen as the base theme of whatever new theme create want to base on it. Is this confusing? Please submit an issue and let us know how we can clarify this.

Included ctools plugins

One of the amazing benefits of Chaos Tools is inclusion of cross-module plugins. In particular, layouts are particularly helpful to theming as layouts can be used for Display Suite, Panels, and a few others.

Out of the box this theme will add all ctools layouts provided by the Panopoly distribution. For the initial push they will be named the same as Panopoly, however we will soon be making our own modifications to these layouts as well (including renaming so that they don't conflict if you're using Panopoly or including them elsewhere).

Theming Aids

Theming can be hard, but it doesn't have to be! None of these modules are required, but tend to improve quality of life for themers.


#D7AX/#DAX - We pledge to make this module as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help us fix them if you can by submitting a patch or reporting any issues you find.


This theme came about from an open discussion presented at BADCamp 2013 titled "Stories from the Frontline of Front-End Development!".


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