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Although it's not required, this theme is made with the assumption that the site will be using Commerce. This theme will give a nice, clean design to a Commerce Kickstart installation out of the box. (version 1 out of the box, version 2 requires some updates)

Most of the inspiration for this theme is coming from Adaptive Theme, Bartik, and Omega.

Features include:

  • Commerce-specific template files (cart block, review pane, product-node)
  • 960 proportioned fluid grid with ability to set fixed with (960 fixed width = 960 grid).
  • Responsive techniques using media queries.
  • Cleaning up of form elements specific to product attributes, add-to-cart links, and checkout layouts.
  • Cleaning up checkout panes for a better experience and more themer control.
  • Theme settings for setting colors, layout options, site framing, and home grids.

Future plans:

  • Make version compatible to Commerce Kickstart 2
  • Document an update steps from Commerce Kickstart V2 to get storefront to work well with the updated installation.


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