Sports Theme


The original idea for the theme came from a client some months ago who wanted a horse racing site but then subsequently changed their mind. The design is now for a general purpose outdoor sports site. Permission to use the photographs has been granted by the copyright holders.

The design uses Steve Clays custom bordered boxes technique to achieve rounded corners as it is not dependent on JavaScript and it works fabulously across all browsers.

The sports theme is fixed width and can be either two or three columns. The underlying grid is 956px wide and has a baseline of 2. The regions are left, centre and right; bottom centre and left and right bottom.

As the browser market share of Firefox and Safari increases and IE6 decreases I find myself using more and more CSS that reflects this.

In this sports theme I used advanced CSS selectors including attribute selectors, child selectors, sibling combinators, pseudo-classes, :last-child and :first-child. I also used CSS3 that only works in the non-IE browsers. However, it still looks spectacular even in old browsers like IE6.

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