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Radix is a base theme for Drupal. It has Bootstrap 4 and 5 support, Sass, ES6 and BrowserSync built-in.


See https://docs.radixtheme.org.

Bootstrap 5 version:
Watch the Creating a Bootstrap 5 Subtheme in Drupal using Radix video by Mark Kindred

Bootstrap 4 version:
Watch the Getting Started with Bootstrap 4 using Radix in Drupal 8 video by Ivan Zugec.


Radix currently does not support Drush 11 for subtheme creation, use Drush 10 to create the subtheme until the issue is resolved

Quick start for Drupal 8 & 9

Which version? For Bootstrap 5, download 5.x, for Bootstrap 4, download 8.x-4.x. For Bootstrap 3. download 8.x-3.x.

On an already running Drupal installation:

  1. Download and enable components module: composer require drupal/components; drush en components
  2. Download and enable Radix theme: composer require drupal/radix; drush then radix
  3. Create a sub-theme using Drush ^10.x: drush --include="themes/contrib/radix" radix:create SUBTHEME_NAME
  4. Set default theme: drush then SUBTHEME_NAME -y; drush config-set system.theme default SUBTHEME_NAME -y
  5. Install dependencies: cd /path/to/subtheme and then npm install --legacy-peer-deps (npm 7: When to use `--force` and `--legacy-peer-deps`)
  6. Copy the proxy.example.js to proxy.js in the config directory of your subtheme: cp config/proxy.example.js config/proxy.js
  7. Update proxy variable to your localhost address in
    config/proxy.js(this file is .gitignored by default to avoid overrides)
  8. Watch: npm run watch

Notes for Components

If you have upgraded to Components 8.x-2.x or higher, please update your sub-theme to the new API namespace documented as shown below.
There is no more hard dependency defined in the Radix subtheme, so based on your Drupal 8 or 9 version use the appropriate Components 2.x or 3.x


      - ./src/components



Distributions using Radix

  • Open Atrium: Open Atrium is an intranet in a box that has group spaces to allow different teams to have their own conversations and collaboration.
  • Open Academy: Open Academy is a Drupal distribution that brings the best in web publishing for higher education on a customizable Drupal platform.
  • Open Berkeley: Open Berkeley is a turnkey web platform solution for UC Berkeley campus websites.
  • Open Restaurant: The Open Restaurant distribution has everything you need to kickstart your restaurant website. It comes with a menu management system, a reservation system, a customizable blog and events management.
  • DKAN Open Data Platform: DKAN is a community-driven, free and open source open data platform that gives organizations and individuals ultimate freedom to publish and consume structured information.
  • University of IOWA SiteNow: SiteNow provides flexibility in authoring websites for various audiences.
  • Apigee Developer Portal: Apigee Developer Kickstart is a distribution to create an Apigee developer portal using Drupal.
  • Sector: Sector is a New Zealand Drupal Distribution aimed at getting your web project up and running in no time.

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