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This is a base theme that is intended to support organization of assets and make development and maintenance of projects easier.

  • Adds the ability to declare framework and conditional stylesheets in a theme's .info file.
  • Adds the ability to declare include directories for the system to look in and automatically include .inc files.
  • Simplifies form theming by adding a theme_form_content() suggestion to all inner form content. It then provides addtional theme_form_content__FORM_ID() suggestions.
  • Adds an additional hook_block_view_MODULE_alter() callback for blocks.
  • Add an additional hook_page_CALLBACK_alter() callback.

One other addition is the hook_suggestions() and hook_suggestions_HOOK() set of functions. This is more a workaround than a feature. Due to the nature of Pure, all process and preprocess functions are run at the pure level and do not properly capture additions to theme hook suggestions. This set of functions is in place to add your suggestions properly. It is an extra set of code, but one nice thing is that it separates the hook additions form the heavy processing and formatting.

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