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Platon is a HTML5, responsive and mobile-friendly theme.

It is the default theme for the Opigno LMS distribution and includes many styles specifically for Opigno.

Installation notes

1.x branch

Platon 1.x is a subtheme of Open Framework. Make sure to first download Open Framework and copy it to your theme folder.

2.x branch

Platon 2.x is completely stand-alone and can be used as is.

3.x branch

Platon 3.x splits the page layout in smaller templates, allowing easier extension for sub themes.

Update from 2.x to 3.x

Replace all files as you usually would, then make sure to clear your cache. If you already created a sub theme for 2.x, consider updating it to using the 3.x logic. It will not break, however. Your sub theme will still look fine.

This theme is sponsored by Connect-i.
Platon 2.x design by Studio Graphic 99.


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