Pixture Reloaded

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Pixture Reloaded is a re-colorable theme powered by Adaptivetheme and inherits all its features such as mobile support, highly configurable layout, responsive menus and many theme settings.

PR in D8 has received a bit of brush up in styles, no longer has a fixed height header and is more streamlined in terms of color options. The goal has been to make a theme that is cleaner looking, easier to modify and overall less effort to maintain.

The Drupal 8 version also allows you to clone the theme should you want to make major changes - use the Theme Generator that ships with Adaptivetheme D8.

PR uses the color module (like Bartik). This allows you to modify the color of the theme to your liking. There are preset color combination's and you can generate your own by using the color picker on the theme settings page.

The theme ships with 18 regions and you can add unlimited regions and set layout for them in the theme settings. You can add template suggestions using the Layout Page Generator and set responsive layouts for them - this makes it very easy to have a unique layout for your front page, taxonomy pages and so on.

As with all ATD8 themes it includes many CSS short-codes to tweak various options for blocks, regions etc.

Slideshows are simple theme settings and a code snippet to paste into blocks, nodes, or anywhere you like.

Adaptivetheme Base

Pixture Reloaded is a subtheme of Adaptivetheme - you must download and install it first. Adaptivetheme provides the core functionality such as layout control and other settings.

Always match version for version with the base theme:
Adaptivetheme 8.x-1.x => use Pixture Reloaded 8.x-1.x
Adaptivetheme 7.x-3.x => use Pixture Reloaded 7.x-3.x


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