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Omega Five for Drupal 8 - (8.x-5.0-alpha7)

Omega Five brings back the ever popular user interface that allows for editing the responsive layout through the theme settings form making it possible for users of ALL abilities to create and adjust a fully responsive theme to their needs.

Omega Five Development Status

Primay feature development for Omega is happening at

The Drupal 8 version of Omega Five has been updated and released as 8.x-5.0-alpha7. There is still much development to be done on the 8.x-5.x branch before things can be considered stable. There will potentially be problems in upgrading from one alpha release to the next without renaming and editing files where structure changes.

Omega Five Features

The current list of features for Omega Five is only a small sampling of the features available. This section will be updated with additional features and descriptions as it nears a stable release for Drupal 8.

  • Fully Responsive layout(s) and highly configurable presentation of that layout in each responsive breakpoint.
  • Full integration of layout_discovery in Drupal 8.3+ (in development)
  • Ability for single or multiple layout configurations. You can then select which layout to use on the homepage, individual node types, and for taxonomy vocabularies.
  • Create subthemes and clone themes through the Omega interface.
  • Features for advanced themers like adding a config.rb, Gemfile, or Gulpfile to generated subthemes to aid in advanced front end development.
  • Layout inheritance in subthemes so you can create a base theme for your project that controls layout and base styles, allowing subthemes to inherit ALL layout configurations from the parent.
  • SCSS without the hassle: Don't know what Compass/Sass/Guard/Gobbledeegook is? No problem. Omega can handle the heavy lifting while setting up your subtheme to be ready to use more advanced front end development practices.

Omega Five for Drupal 7 - (7.x-5.0-alpha1)

A solid development release of Omega Five for Drupal 7 is currently available.
Omega 7.x-5.0-alpha1: This version IS ready for initial testing and sandbox development. This version has had little development added to it in some time, and likely will not until after the 8.x-5.x branch is complete, and the 'final' features implemented there can be backported appropriately.

Omega 4 for Drupal 7

Omega 4.x is a base theme framework aimed at themers who want to gain full control over the theme through code, rather than a user interface. If you depend on the user interface you can continue using Omega 3.x.

Omega 3 for Drupal 7

Omega 3 is a highly configurable HTML5/960 grid base theme. Each zone (group of regions) can be configured for content first layouts (push/pull classes), hidden at any time and each region can be disabled, resized, and placed easily any way you see fit.

Omega 3 is currently being minimally maintained (security fixes only). We are currently seeking a maintainer for the 3.x branch. If you’re interested, create an issue in the issue queue.

Documentation & Support

Omega Documentation

Omega Support

Active Contributors

Jake Strawn (7.x-5.x, 8.x-5.x)

How can you help?

The Omega theme, as all contributed Drupal projects is based on free time provided by the maintainers. Sometimes, this can be tough.

Consider helping with Omega in the following areas:

  • 7.x-3.x Maintainer(s) - Full ownership of branch and updates/feature enhancements.
  • 7.x-4.x Maintainer(s) - Full ownership of branch and updates/feature enhancements.
  • 7.x-5.x Co-Maintainer(s) - Seeking help testing and backporting 8.x-5.x features as they become available.
  • 8.x-5.x Testing and Documentation - Seeking help testing and writing documentation on various features.

If you are interested in helping, please reach out via my contact form.

You can find us on Drupal Slack in the #omega channel.


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