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NewsFlash is the latest GPL theme by RoopleTheme. It features 7 color styles, 12 collapsible regions, suckerfish menus, fluid or fixed widths, built-in IE transparent PNG fix, and lots more. To see NewsFlash in action, take a look at the NewsFlash demo site.

NewsFlash 2.3 has now RTL Support

RTL suport wont realy work in IE 6 And 7 if you use IE then use IE 8 or Higher
the typography has been improved and and can use by follow to
<div class="alert-custom">...</div>
<div class="info-custom">...</div>
<div class="help-custom">...</div>
<div class="note-custom">...</div>
<div class="xfer-custom">...</div>

NewsFlash 2.x is completely revised, it is now fully compatible with Drupal7.

some things has been changed and improved.
the commentary- and forums views has been completly re-designed.
addet typography.
<span class="alert">...</span>
<span class="info">...</span>
<span class="help">...</span>
<span class="note">...</span>
<span class="xfer">...</span>

the other fetures are the same as in version 1.6

NewsFlash Version 1.6 is largely a ground-up rewrite of the theme.

Numerous things have been added, changed, or fixed. Here's a summary of the major changes:

  • Drupal 6 Compatibility: NewsFlash 0.16 is now available for Drupal versions 5.x and 6.x.
  • Pure CSS Tableless Design: NewsFlash has been re-designed to use pure CSS for layout.
  • CSS and XHTML Valid: NewsFlash 0.16 validates to XHTML and CSS specifications according to the W3C web standards.
  • 4 New Color Schemes: NewsFlash 0.16 includes four new color schemes: red, black, violet, and aqua.
  • Suckerfish Menus: NewsFlash 0.16 has built-in support for drop-down suckerfish menus.
  • Themed Logo: NewsFlash 0.16 supports separate logos for each available color style.
  • Selectible Font Faimly: NewsFlash 0.16 allows you to select from several pre-defined Font Families, or to specify a custom Font Family.
  • Local Content CSS File: NewsFlash 0.16 allows you to specify a CSS file local to your Drupal installation that will be included in the generated pages.
  • Configurable Sidebar Width: NewsFlash 0.16 allows you to specify separate widths for each sidebar.
  • Configurable Logo Size: NewsFlash 0.16 allows you to specify the logo image size for compatibility with the IE PNG fix.IE PNG fix only in Drupal 6 version
  • New Handbook: Complete instructions for installing and using NewsFlash 0.16 are available in the new NewsFlash Handbook.
  • Improved Text Display: In addition to the new font family support, NewsFlash 0.16 provides improved line spacing for both Headings and Body elements. The use of the bold attribute has been reduced in many areas.


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