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Mbase is modern base theme for drupal 7 & 8. Developed to make themers life easier. Themers can create quick layout, child themes are easily color-able, animate-able, iconize-able. It is based on Bootstrap, Font awesome, Google fonts.


Because of bootstrap based, It depends on jquery 1.9+, use jquery Update module. Drupal 8 do not have any dependency.

Online Child theme Generator

Online drupal theme generator

Drupal 7

It is pretty ready to use for drupal 7.

Build child themes online for free, using quick drag and drop

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is ready for use, But still not recommended for admin theme.


  • Create child theme in minutes using drag and drop tool
  • Bootstrap based responsive
  • Icons(font awesome) and more features


  • Add quick and complex animation, without coding
  • Re Color-able with color module
  • Performance optimization
  • Test all form elements
  • Exportable settings
  • Less and scss

This theme wont be possible without Mark Carver (markcarver), because i copied most of the code from his Drupal bootstrap theme


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