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Note: MAYO 8.x-1.0 released today (2015-Nov-19) and now that Drupal 8.0.0 is released we will try to maintain a little demo site.

Note: MAYO 7.x-2.0 released today (2014-May-07) which is a responsive mobile first HTML5 version. Check the release notes and project Documentation.

MAYO theme's name is taken from a phrase "MAke Your Own" and "MAYOnnaise" which I love ;-). As the name describes itself, MAYO is developed to be a theme that provides users easy way to customize and create a theme they like.

MAYO is developed based on the experience with PIXTURE theme. However, it takes full advantage of Drupal 7's color module and advanced theme settings. MAYO is simple but flexible. You can customize the look of your MAYO theme easily from theme settings page. It does not require you to have the good knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP.

What can be customized from the theme settings page?

  • Color of most of the theme elements (base, page, header, sidebar, node, footer). In many cases, you can specify text color, link color, background color and border colors of each element.
  • Base font and heading font type (either Serif or Sans-serif) and base font size.
  • Page layout options such as width of the site (fixed width layout or liquid layout), margins, sidebar layout and width, etc.
  • Styles such as menubar styles and round corner for node/sidebar block.
  • Detail layout of header area contents (logo, site name, slogan, search engine box)
  • You can easily upload and add your own image as the background of the header area. (You can use both background image and logo at the same time).
  • Watermark of the header area which is added over the header gradation or header background images.
  • Other miscellaneous options such as toggle to display/not display breadcrumbs.

Other features

  • Improved in-site search form. You can place it to the header area with ease.
  • You can add controls to increase/decrease text size of the site. (It uses Javascript and jQuery).
  • Supports Superfish and Nice Menus drop-down menu modules.
  • Supports some extra regions such as footer columns.
  • Can be used not only for light color based site, but also for the dark color based site.
  • Unlike PIXTURE theme, it does not use images for the theming. So the loading and displaying is fast.

Although MAYO has high customizability, it is not a heavy theme. It's simple. If you don't use header background image and gloss black menubar, basically there's no image used for MAYO. Even the gradation of the header area and round corner for sidebar block and node are done with CSS (CSS3). So I think it's pretty light weight compared with my PIXTURE theme.

7.x-2.x Release:Uploaded this development version today. It's mainly an attempt to make Mayo responsive and bring it toward HTML5. Those happy with the 7.x-1.x won't have to worry with it. I think almost all themes will need to be responsive from now on.

MAYO project is sponsored by Michael Caudy @

Picking up the maintenance of this nice theme hoping pixture will return someday. For a while it will be mostly bug fixes as opposed to feature requests.

Reporting Issues: I offer this because a lot of users new to Drupal will make their first Issue Report in a theme issue queue. If in doubt please read this great description of "Making an issue report". I'm seeing too many issues here in which it's impossible to reproduce the problem from the description given.


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