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Light Skeleton is a theme base on version of Skeleton v2. The goal of this project is trying to be as close as Skeleton v2 in the Drupal theme. Light Skeleton is a very lightweight theme that does not require any type of compiling, and the styles designed to be a starting point, not a UI framework.


  • A new truly responsive grid based on percentages
  • Mobile first media queries
  • New typeface Raleway as default
  • Generally simpler style
  • More robust forms (especially in relation to grid)
  • Inclusion of basic table styling
  • Inclusion of super basic code styling


  1. Install the Light Skeleton in sites/all/themes or a similar sites/*/themes folder.
  2. Ensure that jQuery has been configured to meet Light Skeleton minimum version requirement, which is jQuery 1.7.

Configuration for Drupal 7

  • Menu: Once Light Skeleton is been "Enable and set default", the "Main menu" block needs to be move to the "Main menu" region. This can be done block configuration (admin/structure/block).

Configuration for Drupal 8


Similar Projects

  • Doune - This project is obsolete, it have not have any commits since 2011.
  • Skeleton Theme - This project uses the Skeleton grid system from version 1, and it have a lot more styling on top of the Skeleton.
  • Responsive Skeleton This project use the grid system from version 1 and is build a base theme.

Darryl Norris (darol100)


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