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**Warning: This theme is not ready yet so don't be surprised if it doesn't look *exactly* like the original design right now.

This is a very initial dev release of the project described here:

For now it's only the theme with one of the designs, but I intend to add color module support and if I have enough time and help add the interface for transparent pngs for the "styles" mentioned in the proposal.

Maybe this theme will also be completely rewritten using Fusion or maybe another Base theme.

If you have any input for what base theme you would like to see used or maybe a feature you would like to see please add an issue.

This theme was featured in these blog posts:

version x.1 and version x.2

- The x.1 release is a release that has a theme that looks like the design.
- The x.2 release will have those options discussed in the original GSoC proposal page, to customize the look of the theme.


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