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Elimai means Simplicity in Tamil Language. This is a simple responsive theme with minimum colors. This theme has been developed with the Twitter Bootstrap framework.


  1. Twitter Bootstrap framework
  2. Bootstrap Carousel
  3. Responsive Theme
  4. Configurable Social Block for RSS Feed and Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pintrest.
  5. Sass Compass Support
  6. 1 Column and 2 Columns layout
  7. Total of 6 Regions


  • Install the theme as all the usual ways.
  • If you are installing with Drush, Please make sure that the first letter of the theme is in Capital. drush dl Elimai

Framework Methods

Framework option settings are avaialbe at appearance -> elimai -> settings

  1. By default the theme is pointing to the Bootstrap CDN
  2. By using the Libraries API module, the Bootstrap can be downloaded from the Twitter Bootstrap Site and place it in the "sites/all/libraries/bootstrap" folder.
  3. You can also place the Twitter Bootstrap library in your themes folder

Carousel Features

  • Simple method of adding slides to the carousel using multiple values field.
  • Alt attribute for images
  • Control options for arrows and bullets.
  • Fields for capturing slide title and caption.

Carousel Settings

  1. Download and configure the jQuery Update module to use jQuery 1.7 or higher.
  2. Enable Bootstrap Carousel in theme settings
  3. Select number of slides and click save to add more images.
  4. Upload images and enter slide title and slide caption
  5. 1200px x 480px is the recommended slide image size.

Version Upgrade Notes

During the version upgrade the entire Elimai theme folder will be replaced with a new copy of the code, make sure you backup the Elimai/libraries/bootstrap folder if you have chosen that option under the theme settings.

Browser compatibility

The theme has been tested on following browsers. Firefox, Chrome browsers and Safari

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