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Corolla is a highly stylized colorable theme for Drupal 7 with many theme settings to allow you to completely customize the look and feel of your site.

The 7.x-3.x and 7.x-2.x versions are subthemes of Adaptivetheme which includes a powerful new responsive layout engine with full support for mobile devices.

Here’s a basic run down on the features:

  • 6 preset color schemes
  • Custom color options
  • Built in support for the Superfish module
  • Configurable layout - lots of options
  • Responsive Mobile support - Smartphone, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android devices etc
  • Font selection - includes Google fonts
  • Font size setting
  • Heading styles
  • Rounded corner settings
  • Box shadow and background texture options
  • Image position settings
  • Menu bullets option
  • Breadcrumb settings
  • Search results display settings
  • Optional horizontal login block setting
  • 18 regions including a 3 and 4 column panel

Color Settings

Corolla uses the color module (like Bartik and Garland). This allows you to modify the color of the theme to your liking. There are 6 preset color combination's and you can generate your own by using the color picker on the theme settings page.

Superfish Module and Drop menus

The 7.x-1.x and Drupal 6 version have hard coded support for drop menus. This has been deprecated in the 7.x-2.x version in favor of supporting the Superfish module. See our tutorial on setting up Superfish menus in Adaptivetheme sub-themes. The 7.x-2.x version also allows you to add a menu to the Header region (to the right of the logo/site name) which will be automatically styled and work as a Superfish menu.

Sub-theming Corolla 7.x-2.x

Take the easy route and download Footheme, our quickstart starter theme for Corolla, Sky and Pixture Reloaded. With full instructions and all the hard bits taken care of Footheme can get you up and sub-theming in no time. View online help about Footheme!

Adaptivetheme Base

The Drupal 7.x-2.x versions of Corolla are subthemes of Adaptivetheme - you must download and install it first. Adaptivetheme provides the core functionality such as layout control and other settings.


Always match version for version with the base theme:

Adaptivetheme 7.x-3.x => use Corolla 7.x-3.x
Adaptivetheme 7.x-2.x => use Corolla 7.x-2.x

7.x-1.x and the Drupal 6 versions are stand alone themes, only the 7.x-3.x and 7.x-2.x branches are Adaptivetheme subthemes.


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