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Bootstrap 4 based theme.

Consider using ready for production Bootstrap5 theme if you are starting from scratch.

This is a very simplified Bootstrap 4 (Bootstrap 5 is ready) theme with simple configuration. It can be used out of the box or as a subtheme for creating very flexible web designs with minimal changes (just override Bootstrap 4 variables.scss and recompile css!)


  • Bootstrap 4 library (4.6.1)
  • Bootstrap 4 style guide (view all Bootstrap 4 components on one page)
  • Bootstrap 4 breakpoints
  • Bootstrap 4 integration with CKEditor
  • Bootstrap 4 configuration within admin user interface
  • Interface for creating subtheme
  • Can be used as is (subtheme is required for template overrides)
  • Drupal 7 and 9 compatible

Alternative Bootstrap themes

  • Bootstrap 5: very simplified Bootstrap 5 theme with simple configuration.
  • Barrio: Bootstrap 5 (and 4) based theme heavily depending on node
  • Radix: Bootstrap 5 (and 4) based theme heavily depending on nodeJS
  • Bootstrap: Original Bootstrap 3 based theme (with plans for Bootstrap 4).
  • Bootstrap Storybook: An opinionated component-based base theme with built-in support for StorybookJS 6, Bootstrap 4 and BrowserSync.
  • Bootstrap for Drupal: Prescriptive Bootstrap 4 based theme without subtheming or SCSS customisations.


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