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Theme Information

Instant is a 3 pages theme created specially for freelancers wanting to showcase their work with a nice and minimal style. Comes with an index/portfolio page, an about page and a project page. Easy to configure. Got your portfolio page in minutes.


  1. Install base theme - Bootstrap ( )
  2. Create text field "field_project_role" and "field_project_type" for
    node type "article".
  3. Create image field "field_images" for node type "article".
  4. Create image field "field_header_image" for node type "page".
  5. Install theme "Bootstrap Instant".
  6. Settings theme on page /admin/appearance/settings/bootstrap_instant.
  7. Create two image styles on page /admin/config/media/image-styles, with effect
    "Scale 945x630" and "Scale 360x240". First style need for page view node type
    "article", field "field_images". Second for node type "article",
    field "field_image" ( for front page).
  8. Theme fully configured.


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