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Bookstore is a sub-theme of the Blueprint Drupal theme ( The Drupal Blueprint theme integrates Drupal with the famous Blueprint CSS framework ( Bookstore currently works with Drupal 6. A development version for Drupal 7 is also available. In fact it's still not IE6 safe. Besides standard compliant browsers, it has been successfully tested in IE6-8.

The Bookstore sub-theme is based on a design by Dieter Schneider of The original design (along with the PSD) can be found at At the time this theme was first created, the bookstore design along with the PSD were free for use but no longer. So if you want to replace the "The Book store" text in the header image with your own text then you will have to do it by yourself using an image editor :-( The header image is named "header.jpg" and it is located inside the "css/images/" directory.

Bookstore is a two column theme (left column, content column)


  1. Install the Blueprint Drupal theme first. This will involve downloading the Blueprint CSS framework from See the README of the blueprint theme for details. Do make sure your site works with the Blueprint theme before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Download and uncompress the Bookstore theme inside your site's theme directory.
  3. Enable the bookstore sub-theme from your Drupal site's theme selection page (i.e. admin/build/themes for Drupal 6 and admin/appearance for Drupal 7).

Alternatively, you can skip all the above steps and just download this compressed archive. Once uncompressed inside your Drupal site's theme directory (sites/all/themes/), browse to the theme administration page (admin/build/themes) and enable the bookstore theme.


The bookstore sub-theme and all its images are under the GPL license. Dieter Schneider has kindly agreed to let his images be used under the GPL license.


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