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The Beginning theme has to be considered as a blank canvas. This theme is for designer artist. Designers can begin theme designing, web designing without worrying about theme structure, layout and responsiveness as per device width. This theme is for those design artists who want to simply focus on graphic elements, colours, and styling. Very easy to customize without learning any new stuff. Designer don't even need to be understand @media query and various breakpoints for RESPONSIVE, MOBILE design.

Theme developer can use sub-theme (child theme) Instead of editing "Beginning" theme. I create a sample sub-theme Shiv for this purpose at here -

Theme is develop by Shivcharan Patil (Shiv) of and

Features :

  • Responsive
  • multi-column support (0, 1 or 2 sidebars / auto resizing)
  • Dropdown menu support.
  • source-ordered, using negative margin (the content place before the left and right sidebars in the XHTML source for increased accessibility and SEO)
  • Supported features: logo, favicon, name, slogan, mission, primary links, secondary links, search_box
  • Cross-browser compatible : works in Firefox, IE (>9), Opera, Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Drupal 8

Enable Multi-level Menus :

    There is two important configuration to enable the multi-level menus in drupal,

  1. Enable "Show as expanded" option in the parent menu item
  2. Set unlimited on "Maximum number of menu levels to display" in Main navigation block configuration.

Theme is actively developed and supported by developer on developer's off time.
If you would like to say thanks, buy a drink for developer

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