BaseLESS HTML5 Core Theme

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A base theme dependent on LESS CSS preprocessor for hardcore themers. This base theme gives you full control over your css, no more tons of css overriding, and write less css with lessphp.


  • Using LESS CSS preprocessor, for more organized and less css
  • Inspired by Tao, removed most core styling by default, for lesser default css overriding
  • Using Eric Meyer's HTML5 latest reset.css, to reduce browser inconsistencies.
  • Automatic page body class on window resize, ex. page-max-width-960, page-max-width-800, page-max-width-640,... (configurable on subtheme script.js)


  1. Module

    • Install Libraries API module.
    • Download the third party library by Leaf Corcoran, LESSphp to:
    • The folder should appear like this:
    • Install LESS module
    • Make sure you check LESS developer mode when developing your custom theme:
      (site base url) /admin/config/development/less
  2. Theme
    • Install baseless theme to:
    • Copy baseless_subtheme folder from:
    • Put it here:
    • Rename it and it should appear like this, (Ex. the new name is My Theme):
    • Open and also change "name" to "My Theme", so that the name will appear correctly on:
      (site base url) /admin/appearance
    • Enable and set to default "My Theme" on:
      (site base url) /admin/appearance
    • You are now ready to customize your site by editing this file:
    • For more info on using less preprocessor, go to documentation link below.

How to write css in LESS


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