Arti: minimal design, responsive theme

Demo to see how the theme looks in a sample Drupal site Apply theme

A contribution

Minimal theme that leverages Arctica base theme for most of its functionality.

Arti is a great theme if you need a strong grid layout with powerful typography and minimalist styling on nodes, comments and menus.

If you need a clean drupal theme, a minimal drupal theme, or just something non-intrusive to help whip up a mini site, Arti is a great choice. And it's a responsive theme so it will look great on mobile devices too.



Arctica/Arti StarterKit

Create a website in less than 5 minutes! When you install the Sooper StarterKit you get the same content as on the demo site. This means you can just edit the blocks, nodes and menus, remove stuff you don't need, and finish your project much faster than ever before!

Can be found here:

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