Adminimal - Responsive Administration Theme

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Adminimal is the most popular contribute Administration Theme for Drupal

Based on the original seven theme, adminimal has several improvements like:

  • Modern minimalist design that makes administration an easy and fun experience
  • Responsive layout
  • Usability Improvements
  • Per site custom CSS code overrides without the need of hacking or subtheming the main theme
  • More block positions and up to 3 column main content. So you can have left and right sidebars blocks inside your content page
  • Colored buttons for common tasks like Submit (Green button), Preview (Blue button), Delete (Red button) etc... So your eye rapidly focuses on the button you want to click
  • Table highlighting. When you hover your mouse on a table row, it will be highlighted to help you see what goes where
  • Improved navigation using the Adminimal Menu submodule
  • And many more ...

Theme settings and customization:

  • Choose to display or hide icons in configuration page
  • Use Custom Media Queries to trigger mobile and tablet styles
  • Write custom CSS and keep your changes even after updating the theme code. No need to subtheme. Just visit settings page and enable the custom.css option.

New Material design skin inspired by Google's Android Lollipop:

Download the latest development release (7.x-1.x-dev) and try out the new material design skin for Adminimal. Go to admin/appearance/settings/adminimal and select the "Material" skin. Please note that this skin and the skin feature is currently in beta stage. So there might be some display issues that will be addressed in future releases.

Recommended Modules:

Adminimal Menu

Need more information and screenshots?

Visit the Adminimal Information Microsite Demo

Some of the icons are from the Icons8 pack provided by IconPharm


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